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Oratnitza are six young Bulgarian musicians who share a love for both Bulgarian folklore and contemporary bass genres. Inspired by past and present, they seek to regenerate their musical roots into the future.

The band travels the globe to showcase the expression of their musical DNA. With every discovery, adventure, and encounter their folktronic composition mutates. It is musical metaphysics.

Oratniza’s music is a blend of folk melodies, orthodox-style chanting, distant aboriginal themes, hip-hop, dubstep, trap D’n’B, and irregular rhythms. Oratniza interprets Bulgarian traditional songs in a way that our generation can truly embrace. The band is reviving an interest in Bulgarian musical tradition amongst young and old, not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole of Europe. Thanks to the masterful combination of regional folklore elements, with global musical styles and the use of atypical instruments, Oratniza’s music touches us regardless of our background.

Oratnitza brings you thrilling, rolling Bulgarian ETHNOBASS and it’s 100% live!


Ivan Gospodinov aka “Popa” – vocals

Hristiyan Georgiev – kaval

Georgi Marniov aka “Horhe” – didgeridoo

Petar Yordanov aka “Buny” – tupan / cajon

Diyana Vasileva – vocals

Asya Pincheva – vocals

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