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  •  “The expertly-played didj blends its lively pulse and grinding drone with the meaty, agile percussion and airy kaval…” (fRoots, UK)
  • ****, “Energetic and infectious” (Songlines, UK)
  • #3 Top World Music CD’s (SoundRoots.org)
  • “hypnotizing melodies and rhythms”, “ not only infectious for the youth”, “wonderfully energetic” (FolkForum.nl, NL)
  • “Festival recommendation” (De Standaard, BE)
  • “unique mix of dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, aboriginal motifs and Orthodox chants” (Agenda Magazine, BE)
  • “would make electronic trance wizards jealous”, “The album is an absolute pleasure to listen to”, “their take is inventive, fresh and of a high creative standard”, “infectious rhythms” (World Music Network)
  • “Uplifting, energetic and beautifully vigorous music” (MusicFrames, NL)
  • “Oratnitza proved a crowd favourite” (Time Out, Malaysia)
  • “Very innovative world folk that works fantastically” (Heaven, NL)
  • „Impossible not to be carried away by their trance” (RTBF, BE)
  • „…the sound seems to come from another world… wonderfully succeeded… powerful music of a quartet that without a doubt also handles live gigs skillfully…” (NewFolkSounds)
  • „Hypnotizing wayward sound from Bulgaria!” (Tropicalidad, BE)
  • „… the bands you shouldn’t have missed… The Bulgarian group ORATNITZA we liked too, with sounds we are not really accustomed to, even on FIP, especially the 2 voice harmonies, not really evident, and yet touching.” (FIP Radio, FR)
  • „… we experienced how the musicians of Oratnitza were able to hypnotize the audience with their sweeping bulgarbeats…” (CuttingEdge.nl)
  • „… it results in a stimulating concert… The light-fingered flute player Hristiyan steals the show with his virtuous melodies. The traditional rhythms are fascinating and inventive and the energetic music shimmers on for a long time in your mind…” (KindaMuzik, NL)
  • “Imagine Transglobal Underground meeting Taraf de Haidouks” (Le blog des critiques de concerts, BE)
  • “Epic” (Deepground, DE)

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